Feast of Friendly Strangers is a beautifully crafted experience flowing with delicious food, activities and music. It is designed to highlight the raw and real beauty of being human. Emphasising the simple fact that we are all intrinsically connected, even when we feel alone.

Join us for an evening of practical meditations, mindfulness activities and group discussions while enjoying delicious food (and maybe even a cheeky wine!).

Funds from Sweat for the Good Stuff at The Grounds help to support this initiative and allow us to offer some community spots at the Feast. We are coordinating with local NFPs to allocate these spots, however, if you have someone that you would like to nominate please email steph@lovesweatsyoga.com.

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Mindfully made WORKSHOPS 

These one-day workshops are a carefully curated mix of activities, discussions and strategies centred around mindfulness and mental health. The workshops are designed in collaboration with experts in their field; ranging from yoga, meditation, nutrition, social science, psychology, music, design, and more. The workshops are open to the general public and will be run in Sydney (to start with). Funds raised through our Sweat for the Good Stuff events will also enable us to offer a couple of sponsored spots each session to the community. These spots will be allocated in consultation with local NFP organisations. 

Date and venue details to be announced shortly. If you would like to be notified, please register your interest below. 



Making yoga accessible

Part of our approach to tackling social isolation is to make yoga accessible and we do this by running yoga programs with vulnerable communities in Sydney. We collaborate with organisations that work within the space, and develop tailored yoga sessions for their communities. We have run programs with The Wayside Chapel in Bondi and Kings Cross, Rough Threads, and Vinnies at their Ozanam Learning Centre.

More than a pose

The community classes offer individuals who are experiencing forms of social isolation and marginalisation, an opportunity to learn and practice the core principles of yoga, relax their body and mind, and incorporate positive and healthy habits into their routine. This is just a part of it though says Lovesweats founder, Steph Scott.

A big thing I see in the community classes I run is connection. Space is created through the yoga activity that gets people feeling comfortable and more at ease than when they came into the class. I think a really valuable part of the class are the chats and discussions that happen after (or sometimes during).

The goal of these community classes isn't getting people to touch their toes or do tricky asanas, for me it's about creating a safe space for people to feel connected and cared for.