Thanks for your interest in our Feast of Friendly Strangers initiative.

Feast of Friendly Strangers is a beautifully crafted experience flowing with delicious food, music and activities. It is designed to highlight the raw and real beauty of being human. Emphasising the simple fact that we are all intrinsically connected, even when we feel alone.

A small number of spots will be available to the public (you guys!!). With the funds we have raised from our Sweat for the Good Stuff sessions we'll also be inviting people from the community who are experiencing (or are particularly vulnerable to) social isolation and exclusion. We will be working to local NFP organisations to allocate these spots however if there is someone you would like to nominate, please email our founder Steph. 

Please pop your details below and we will drop you an email once we confirm the location and date of our first feast!!!

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