A Snapshot of Rough Threads 


Rough Threads is a community program that strengthens social connectedness & builds a stronger community by bringing those in need together with those who can help.

The Rough Threads community events are aimed at anyone experiencing disadvantage. These are people who become isolated from their communities through poverty, cultural diversity, lack of access to appropriate services and absence of family and community support.

By offering complimentary goods and services (including haircuts, clothing, literacy help, health and wellness activities like GP advice, yoga, massage) and a forum for people to express their own personality, the events create a positive focal point, encourage social interaction and break down feelings of isolation.

It is only in the strengthening of community that we can begin to alleviate the sense of loneliness and depression that can come with experiencing disadvantage and in turn improve the health, wellbeing and lives of thousands of Australians.

Lovesweats & rough threads

Lovesweats works in partnership with Rough Threads to deliver yoga classes and education sessions to disadvantaged individuals as part of their community events. As one of our partner charities, we also aim to provide financial support to Rough Threads by donating 20% of the fee from our team classes to support the services of these charities. 


Sign your team up for a Lovesweats yoga class and select Rough Threads as the partner charity to which you would like 20% of the class fee to go.