A Snapshot of The Yoga Foundation


THE Yoga foundation supports the mental health of disadvantaged communities WITH YOGA.

Similar to Lovesweats, except on a larger scale, The Yoga Foundation brings the benefits of yoga to disadvantaged people experiencing anxiety and depression who cannot access yoga easily. Their mission is to bring yoga to these communities in order to improve their quality of life and reduce the symptoms of mental illness. They bring quality, evidence-informed yoga to their to their clients - mental health consumers. 

They have both medium and long term programs for both individuals and groups experiencing social isolation and disadvantage, and work in cooperation with families, carers and communities. Capacity building and sustainability is a key priority and a Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship program began in 2015 to enable a disadvantaged person with a lived experience of mental illness to enrol in a 12 month teacher training course. 

This training offers a great career opportunity to get high quality teacher training in a professional and sympathetic environment (The Yoga Institute) while also encouraging social connection and inclusion. This training scholarship creates a pathway for someone from a disadvantaged community to extend and develop their interest in yoga and desire to deepen their practice. The program supports them financially and emotionally in their journey to becoming a consumer Yoga Teacher where they can then pass on their skills and experience to others and earn an income in this field. 

LOVESWEATS & THE Yoga foundation

Our goal of using yoga to tackle social isolation is closely aligned with The Yoga Foundation's approach and we wanted to find a collaborate and support The Yoga Foundation's established programs, in particular their Yoga Teacher Training and Scholarships.  


Sign your team up for a Lovesweats yoga class and select The Yoga Foundation as the partner charity to which you would like 20% of the class fee to go. These funds with directly support the Yoga Teacher Training Programs that the organisation delivers and create sustainable and long-term employment opportunities for talented yogis who are experiencing disadvantage and social isolation.